Circuitbent Decay Machine


This is version 2 and 3 of a circuit-bent barbie brand karaoke machine, housed inside of a heavily constructed military ammunition case. The majority of the bends are focused around the built in echo effect, so this machine can produce some serious feedback decay. Most people who use it produce their own unique set of sounds .It has 2 separate 1/4″ inputs with a single 1/4″ output, so 2 instruments can be manipulated at once. This project was one of my particular favorites, so 3 different versions of it were made. The initial bends were inspired by Casper Electronics, thanks to his awesome references. Version 2 (red interface) comes equipped with optional speakers on the front, so this can be used completely as a standalone instrument if desired. Version 3 (white interface) has its own unique set of parameters and controls as well. Still comes equipped with the waterproof lid, and the switches are vintage.


This is version 1, which was sold as a commission to Asex Tapes, dubbed as the Suicide Bender. It has its own built in speaker like version two, as well as an optional 1/4″ output. It has an optional tapedeck that can be connected via serial plug.


This is the version two shortly after its initial assembly. The aluminum interface was cut, drilled and airbrushed by hand. This instruments is still actively used for perfomances with ULNAE , and continues to confuse and amaze.